About Chorus

Chorus class is a demanding and rewarding class because of all that we cover during class time and because we work so hard during the class. The class is a year-long class so that we can continue with the same students and continue to grow. As a result, our choral students perform at a high level and are able to give advanced, quality performances.


One of the main goals that we work on is to develop good posture and correct breathing. We work on how to make a good choral sound by learning how to pronounce our vowel sounds correctly and just generally having good diction when we sing. It is definitely a continual learning process. There are some written tests and some speaking and singing tests throughout the year.


We perform toward the end of each semester. We perform at places outside of school as part of the community service mission at BCS.

Thoughts from the Director

The Chorus is very disciplined because of our goals. To sing well and develop a good choral sound takes much work and discipline, but the end result is worth it.

What to Expect

We study basic music theory which includes learning notes, rests, how to count, and how to read choral music. We do some rhythmic dictation and ear training which helps to develop music skills.

We work on anywhere from 8 to 10 pieces of music each semester. We sing pieces in several languages and we also do movement with some of the pieces. I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

Spring Concert

More information will be made available about our concert. Please stay tuned!