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All Levels Welcome!

Welcome to Chess Club! Chess club is designed to help all students progress from learning how to play chess, to being able to incorporate advanced tactics and strategies in their chess game. Students are not expected to have any prior chess knowledge, although many students may be familiar with the game. A variety of skill levels can benefit all students.

Class Structure

The first couple weeks of class are spent learning the history and basic rules of chess. As we progress, advanced strategies for the opening, middle, and end game will be taught and practiced. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in class chess tournaments.

Recommended Sites/Apps

Chess Kid          NC Chess Association

GSO Chess Club         Chess Corner


Grading is focused on preparation, conduct, participation, and mastery of skills learned. Coming to class prepared (pencil, planner, and folder), working on the warm-up challenge, following directions, paying attention during instruction, showing good sportsmanship, properly taking care of materials, and participating in class activities makes up the majority of a student’s grade. At times, short quizzes are given to allow students to demonstrate mastery of a skill.

Why Learn Chess?

Studies have shown that playing chess improves cognitive ability, strengthens problem solving skills, fosters critical and creative thinking, and encourages logical thinking to make the “best” choice in a timely manner.