BCS Policies

“This We Believe”

The National Middle School Association’s vision for a successful middle school is outlined in the following 14 characteristics. All of these features or attributes of a successful middle school, while presented separately must work in harmony.
BCS and the NMSA believe… Successful schools for young adolescents are characterized by a culture that includes:

  • Educators who value working with this age group and are prepared to do so
  • Courageous, collaborative leadership
  • A shared vision that guides decisions
  • An inviting, supportive, and safe environment
  • High expectations for every member of the learning community
  • Students and teachers engaged in active learning
  • An Adult advocate for every student
  • School-initiated family and community partnerships

Therefore, successful schools for young adolescents provide:

  •  A curriculum that is relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory
  • Multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to their diversity
  • Assessment and evaluation programs that promote quality learning
  • Organizational structures that promote meaningful relationships and learning
  • School-wide efforts and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety
  • Multifaceted guidance and support services

Community participation is key aspect of our charter school. BCS supports a variety of traditional athletic programs such as basketball, soccer and baseball on the interscholastic level. The sports program teaches teamwork, encourages athletic development and involves the community in cooperative activities. Volunteers are involved everyday throughout the school. Many of the extracurricular activities of the school have parent volunteers leading them. Students see their parents and community neighbors taking an active part in the life of the school.
BCS vigorously supports citizenship along with character development in its students. Community service activities are built into the curriculum. Students are encouraged to be part of the PTSO (Parent, Teacher, and Student Organization). A great diversity of elective courses is available to the students allowing for individual choices and development of the whole person theme. Personal responsibility and character growth are emphasized.
BCS attempts to exemplify in its own conduct the behaviors it advocates in its students. Students are encouraged to make conscious choices about adopting values and developing positive character traits. Presentations by staff and guests are expected to reflect the school’s support of the national guidelines on factual delivery of information without advocating religious preferences. Students are encouraged to avoid making prejudicial choices. The school avoids bias in its employment and other decisions with regards to ethnicity, race, religion or country of origin. BCS is seeking to extend its boundaries, strive for excellence, constructively employ innovation and be the greatest contributor it can to the development of the succeeding generation. Most importantly our school is encouraging its students to do the same.